Eu-funding research project

The business area of Hoopmann includes the development and production of special machines and systems. Each system is individually manufactured at the customer’s request. Up to now, we have mainly been active in the field of automation for customers in the automotive industry.

We would like to engage in a new market with the development of a flexible and modular manufacturing cell for woodworking. The flexible and modular production cell is designed to allow the customer to equip a basic module and additional modules as required.
The basic module is designed to enable customers to perform simple but fully automated sawing, drilling and milling operations. Building on this basic module, the system can be expanded to a robot-assisted manufacturing cell. An essential aspect is that the customer – in contrast to conventionally manufactured systems – can initially purchase the basic module with a small budget and that all further modules that are required can be subsequently integrated into this basic module.
Many small and medium-sized carpentry shops cannot economically use the fully automatic production machines already available on the market. With our flexible and modular concept, we would like to make it possible for small and medium-sized carpentry shops to implement partially automated manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing cell should grow with the company.