Eu-funding research project

The business field of the Hoopmann company includes the development and production of special machines and equipment. Each manufactured machine is individually manufactured according to customer requirements.
One of the products of the Hoopmann company is a low-level transport vehicle. With the low-level transport vehicle small loads can be moved.
At present the low-level vehicle is equipped with special functions on customer request. The Hoopmann company is able to stand out from its competitors by the special superstructures.
In many applications, however, a low-cost variant of the low-level transport vehicle would be advantageous. During the development, savings should be specifically sought.
It is not the goal to build a fast or heavy-duty vehicle, but to replace the performance by a variety of low-cost vehicles.
This new innovative approach makes it possible to use low-floor transport vehicles in many areas.
Nowadays, many goods are transported to the production stations by means of a forklift truck. The personnel deployment is far too high for this “unproductive” activity in a modern manufacturing environment.
The driverless transport systems ( low-level transport vehicles ) allow a flexible material supply, which is controlled from a control center.