Eu-funding research project

The business area of Hoopmann includes the development and production of special machines and systems. Each manufactured system is custom-made on customer request. As a rule, six-axis articulated arm robots are used for automatic assembly or removal of materials/components. The placement of the systems by a robot is no problem with simple geometries. The placement becomes difficult when the robot has to react flexibly to the tasks assigned to it. In the application described here, the robot is supposed to force-sensitively press a “plastic dowel”. The sensitive component must not be damaged. So far, this work has been taken over by Werkern. With a little practice and human adaptability to the situation, it is no problem for the worker to carry out the required activity. However, the hand muscles are heavily stressed during the execution of the activity. Therefore, appropriate mechanical auxiliary devices are provided to the operator. However, this results in an increased time.
The aim of the project is to develop a force-sensitive robot or robot arm that enables full or partial automation of the activity. A collaboration between a force-sensitive, collaborating robot and a worker is also conceivable.